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About us

L’Officina Italiana is a project initiated by Cristian Marin, a great motoring enthusiast and owner of the 4 Star Superior Hotel Savoia in San Martino di Castrozza, a place known throughout Italy for its natural beauty and for the annual Rallye di San Martino. This project consists of organising car tours for anyone who has one thing in common: a passion for motors.

Our long experience in the field of tour organisation can be seen in the “Past Events” section of our website, and is a guarantee of an unforgettable “on the road” holiday in your beloved car, surrounded by the beauty of our area and pampered by the comfort of our hotel.

Do you have a passion for motors?

Are you a member of a car club or simply a motor enthusiast?

Thanks to us, you will be able to experience a unique trip, immersed in the beauty of Italy, without having to think about anything other than enjoying the road and the view at the wheel of your beloved car: we at L’Officina Italiana will take care of the rest and organize the tour.

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Discovering Dolce Vita


Italian art

Italy is the country with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it is the land where world-renowned artists, sculptors and architects were born. Even today, the wonderful works of art and the majestic palaces, villas, and frescoes tell stories of a magnificent past, of ancient empires, lords, and courts: come and visit the places where the history of contemporary culture was written.


Made in Italy in design and fashion is synonymous with the highest quality and elegance: the excellent tailoring of our master craftsmen, the selection of the best raw materials, such as fabrics and leathers, have made great Italian brands and designers all over the world. An art to be discovered, from workshops and artisan ateliers to catwalks.

Italian food

Italy has the best cuisine in the world: high quality raw materials and ancient regional recipes make the Mediterranean menu the most famous – and imitated – all over the world. In Italy, food is culture, an art to be shared at the table: discover the gastronomic excellence of these unique products, savor tastes and flavors that are not easily forgotten.

The Dolce Vita

The Italian way of life is a myth and a dream for all those who have never experienced the “Dolce vita” style: unique landscapes, from the sea to the beautiful mountains, a country to discover through its culture, art, food and wines. Seize the moment, if not now, when?

Discover our Tours

Discover our tours along the most beautiful Italian routes, exclusive and all inclusive packages to experience Italy through its crafts, its culture and its cuisine. Experience the true Italian lifestyle on a unique trip, experience the thrill of a sunset in a vineyard, dinner in a villa and the thrill of driving a luxury car on the scenic roads of one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

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